Fantasy Football Week 5 DFS Rankings: Jay Cutler and the Dolphins are in another good spot


Jay Cutler has a certain smugness to his face. It may be unintentional, it may even be misleading, but it’s there. And it helps shape our opinion of him, which is probably unfair. But Cutler’s exactly the type of attitude you need to play him this week in DFS.

There is no benefit to having emotional attachment to the past in DFS. Cutler’s struggles and the money he’s cost you is old news. All that matters is that he and the Dolphins have a prime matchup, they’re underpriced and they’re going to be underowned. That’s a rare trifecta in GPPs and we’re going to take advantage of it.

As always, ownership estimates are provided by @UFCollective. You can get estimates for every player here

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