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Hello niners faithful I would like to bring some players to the attention of the fans. Last year we signed plenty of free agents most were really cheap players that we got and they ended up producing right away. Others had more of a problem producing usually because they were injured. We picked Marquise Goodwin, K’Waun Williams, Brandon Fusco, and Elvis Dumervil for cheap deals and they all produced very well for us last year starting most of the games. Except Elvis Dumervil in which he was a situational pass rusher. He did lead the team in sacks this year though. These were not high profile signing but they ended up producing for the 49ers as they were leaders in the locker room and on the field. Now I want to look at some guys who could be low priced free agents but end up helping the 49ers like the previous free agent class.

Bargain #1-Runningback

The first guy is a running back that I have liked for awhile now. He is really good at running in the open field also he is a great receiver out of the backfield. He has never been the lead back in an offense but was highly productive last year in the Patriots offense. Now I know what most of you are thinking and Its not Dion Lewis its Rex Burkhead. Rex Burkhead was never a lead back and should not be considered one in the 49ers offense. But he is a red zone threat like he was in New England. He scored 5 rushing touchdowns and 3 receiving touchdowns while being behind Dion Lewis who had 6 rushing and 3 receiving. Rex Burkhead had to fight for time with Dion Lewis, James White and Mike Gillislee. If he had a slightly bigger role and the 49ers gave time to him, Matt Brieda and Joe Williams the 49ers offense would fit more what Kyle Shannahan wants to do with the running back position.

Bargain #2-Wide Receiver

Now in my last article I commented on a Wide receiver that I like Jaron Brown a wide Receiver who is 6-2 and had 4.4 speed although I really like him, I didn’t want to be redundant so I picked another Wide Receiver who I was a fan of coming out of college but had a rough time in the NFL so far. Coming from Denver he was drafted during the Peyton Manning Era. Cody Latimer made a few rookie mistakes with Peyton Manning and that is when he stopped seeing the field all together. When he was on the field he didn’t get any balls thrown his way. After that he was buried on the depth chart and dealing with subpar quarterback play. Now with the 49ers he might not be a starter but he could be the 4th receiver coming off the bench. But he is also big at 6-3 and 4.5 speed coming out of college. The way Kyle Shannahan schemes wide receivers wide open Cody Latimer could have a break out season much like Marquise Goodwin did last season with the 49ers. This isn’t a guarantee that he will have that type of season but there is a possibility that he could do really well in Kyle Shannahan’s system.

Bargain #3- Linebacker

Now moving along with another guy that may not get paid a whole lot but could be a quality starter especially at the linebacker position. As you can tell I am very worried about the linebacker position with everything that Reuben Foster is going through this offseason it would be a miracle if he got suspended for less than six games and he wasn’t necessarily healthy for the 2016 season which brings up major concerns for his future with the team. That’s why they should bring in a few guys to bring competition at the linebacker spot. Malcolm Smith had a season ending injury and brings up a big question at the linebacker spot. This is why they should go after a guy named Tahir Whitehead who was drafted in the 5th round in the 2012 draft. He has spent 6 years with the lions but will only be 28 next season and could provide a good backup and a quality starter while Reuben Foster is suspended. Another linebacker who could fill this roll is Preston Brown he has been a 4 year starter with the bills and has never had less than 100 tackles with them. This guy isn’t a high profile guy who gets tons of press but has been a dependable starter over the last 4 years and dependability is something we need going into this year.

Bargain #4- Cornerback

Now another guy who could be a bargain is at the cornerback position is someone who played well last year but may not been a well known name. He is a tall guy who fits the system that Robert Saleh wants to run. Rashaan Melvin is 6-2 and fits the mold of the corner that fits our system. He has bounced around for a few different teams but could make a big difference in talent compared to Dontae Johnson which we had last year. Rashaan Melvin had a breakout year last year and had 3 interceptions and 13 passes defended. He only played 10 games last year which is a little worrisome but with a team friendly deal it would be worth it for someone who could end up filling in the next spot next to Ahkello Witherspoon.

Now not all of these guys could be signed by the 49ers, but those who do could be very helpful in filling the roster with quality players. These Guys are all unique in there own way and I could definitely see some of these guys getting resigned or signing with other teams. Thanks for reading the article and hope you enjoyed it. Let me know about any bargain players that you can think of.

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